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Aurica Wedge Shaped Acoustic Foam 1' x 1' x 2"

Rs. 900
Rs. 402
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as of 24/05/2017 1:21 pm


  • Aurica Wedges. which are 1' squares of 2" thick acoustical foam and are a great solution for spot treating sound studios, home listening rooms, iso booths and more.
  • With slightly more wedges per square foot than 2" acoustical foam,
  • Wedges feature maximized surface area for greater exposure to sound waves
  • Aurica Wedges are a great solution for small flutter echo problem areas and, when spread apart, yield beneficial sound diffusion off their exposed edges.

Aurica Pyramid Shaped Acoustical Foam Panel 10

Rs. 478
Rs. 335
2 new from Rs. 335.00
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as of 24/05/2017 1:21 pm


  • Noise reduction coefficient: 95
  • Excellent echo reduction
  • 3D pyramid pattern adds architectural interest
  • Light weight, open cell polyurethane foam
  • Size: 10

24 Pack- Acoustic Panels Studio Soundproofing Foam Wedges 1 X 12 X 12

Rs. 7,699
Rs. 5,849
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as of 24/05/2017 1:21 pm


  • 24 pack of 12" x 12" x 1" wall tiles
  • Good for studios recording studios vocal booths control rooms. Spray Glue recommended for adhesion.
  • Class A Fire Retardant
  • Very Good Quality High NRC !!
  • Product Care: Occasional Vacuuming of Dust