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Vedic Mathematics for Schools: Book 1

Rs. 325
Rs. 135
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as of 23/05/2017 6:33 am

Abbhidnya Education Abacus books for level 1 for children / kids(small group / elemetary) of all age with all maths activity , Paper back

Rs. 560
Rs. 500
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as of 23/05/2017 6:33 am


  • This Abacus book set is for level 1 small group.
  • It includes Addition Subtraction on Abacus
  • Abacus teacher can use this books for their kids
  • Any Abacus class can buy these books and our other books to provide in their class
  • Elementary group ( 4 to 7 years ) of Abacus coaching can use these books

Abacus Math: Mental Math Made Easy by Abacus Brain Gym

Rs. 399
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as of 23/05/2017 6:33 am